The Results are in – 2016 Cost of Doing Business Survey



The Results Are In!!

The 2016 Northeast Equipment Dealers Association Cost of Doing Business Survey (CODB) has been compiled

Thanks to the many members who participated in our survey this year, the report continues to take on new significance in assisting dealers to:

  • Compare their financial performance to that of all dealers (regardless of lines or manufacturers represented);
  • Assist in the valuation process of their businesses for estate planning, buy/sell agreements; sales, mergers/consolidation purposes;
  • Utilize benchmarks in the survey so that dealership goals and budgets can be established for future years.

Finally, your Northeast Equipment Dealers Association must continue the tradition of generating this type of survey so that trends in business can be established and information can be gleaned that will help dealers improve financial performance in future years.
Once again, Equipment Dealer Consulting, LLC Certified Public Accountants  – Lonnie Finch, CPA, CVA, Terry Heins, CPA and Tom Hancock, CPA – took the information provided by dealers and compiled the results into a Study that we are proud of and one that will be a useful tool in the management of your dealership(s).

The completed survey results are priced as follows:

  • Members who submitted financial information – FREE
  • Members who did not submit financial information – $200 per survey 
  • Non- members – $450 per survey

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact your Association office at 800-932-0607.

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