CRM: The Future of Customer Relations Management

CRMAccording to business intelligence experts, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plays a
significant role in any business, and can often be the underlying force that defines wise business decisions.

More and more business owners are making decisions based on data such as customer demographics and their purchase history than ever before. This type of information can be tracked and extracted using a software program called a CRM system.

Sounds expensive? Certain systems can be, but the good news for equipment dealers is that a CRM can be an integrated part of your dealership’s business system!

CRM Integrates Data

When integrated into the business system, a CRM provides dealers with visibility of sales trends that are tracked from within the system from the data that you enter in everyday. There’s never a need to enter the information into a separate program.

A CRM will also allow you to send mass-email, prepare and track quotes and monitor your sales pipeline, which are items we’ll cover in the next part of this series of articles on CRM.

Consistent input of data is the most important piece of the CRM. A CRM system is useless
without consistent input of data!

CRM Can Help Increase Revenue

By using and leveraging your customer information such as communication history, purchases, service dates, etc., dealers can identify opportunities to increase revenue in parts, service, and whole goods.

Having your staff log all communications they have with customers into your business system’s customer records builds a rich history you can use for years, if you have the ability to extract it. This kind of access to in-depth customer information allows all dealership
staff, regardless of what department they are in, to be more responsive and provide better customer service.

CRM Can Improve Customer Service

“A CRM empowers employees with information to anticipate and address customer needs before the customer even asks, which tremendously improves the customer service model,” says Anne Salemo, president, Charter Software Inc., a NEDA-endorsed provider of dealership management systems.

Target Revenue Opportunities

While there are many ways to use the power of a CRM to target your customers with specific
promotions, here are a few ideas to get you started. By using a dealership management system with an integrated CRM such as ASPEN from Charter Software Inc., you can use tools in the system to:

• Pinpoint customers who have purchased equipment from you but have not purchased
parts or had service at your dealership
• Identify customers who have rented equipment but not purchased anything
• Find all customers who have purchased parts but not equipment from you

Interested in more ideas of how to use a CRM for your dealership? Charter Software offers a
free, downloadable guide book of how to connect all your dealership’s department using a CRM at

Additional resources: “CRM Not Optional, Even for Small Business” by Sara Angeles, BusinessNewsDaily.

Article submitted by Charter Software Inc.

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