Date for IRP Full Reciprocity Can Vary

Semi Truck IRPThe International Registration Plan has adopted full reciprocity (often abbreviated FRP), effective with the renewal of a carrier’s IRP fleet registration taking effect on or after January 1, 2015.

IRP registrants with FRP will automatically have all the IRP states and provinces on their cab cards, and will be authorized automatically to travel into any of them (as far as registration goes, that is – there may be other requirements unrelated to registration).  No need for them to buy permits for states added during the year, no estimated miles, no additional fees for new states.

But not all IRP fleets’ registration years end with the end of the calendar year on December 31.  Many states have adopted what’s called staggered registration, and fleets based in those states will have registration effective dates later in the year, and therefore full reciprocity will not be effective for those fleets until later on in 2015, when their years expire.

Source: State Laws Newsletter

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