Loud Occupations Cause Damage to Your Hearing

Hearing Protection SensGardTractors, forage harvesters, silage blowers, chain saws, skid-steer loaders, grain dryers and squealing pigs can make farm life quite noisy. Adding to the risk is the fact that many farmers have been exposed to these sounds since childhood. Sound-reducing cabs can help, as can keeping machine parts lubricated and in good shape in order to reduce friction and decibel levels. The SensGard hearing devices are a “must have” add-on for just about every sale made in the dealers’ store, and for safety sake, it’s a necessary part in selling loud equipment. This is a natural “easy to sell add-on product” and can provide dealers with an excellent gross margin of 45% to 52%! The only thing you need to do is place this product in a prominent place in your dealership or consider adding it on to each wholegoods sale.  Order your SensGard line of Hearing Protectors today by contacting the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association at (800)-932-0607 or check out the details by clicking on the links below.

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