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FMCSA Issues Electronic Logging Device Rule

FMCSA Issues Electronic Logging Device Rule Last Thursday, FMCSA announced its long-awaited final rule requiring the adoption and use of electronic logging devices by all drivers currently required to complete paper records of duty status. The 500 page rule has been summarized by American Trucking Associations staff and is available

Distracted Driving Continues To Be Much More Than Just “A Problem”

DISTRACTED DRIVING CONTINUES TO BE MUCH MORE THAN JUST “A PROBLEM” Not only is distracted driving still a serious problem, it is an epidemic. With each new mobile device introduced, the potential for behind-the-wheel distractions increase and so does a business’s exposure to risk. Federated Insurance is very concerned about

Your health insurance company may ask for your Social Security Number

Your health insurance company may ask for your Social Security Number Your health insurance company may request that you provide them with the social security numbers for you, your spouse and your children covered by your policy.  This is because the Affordable Care Act requires every provider of minimum essential

All Dealers – ACA Compliance

All Dealers – ACA Compliance Beginning in 2016, the definition of “small employer” for insurance rating and underwriting purposes changes. In general, employers with 51–100 full-time equivalents (FTEs) may now fall into the small employer category, and such groups will be subject to community rating and required to offer essential


Telemedicine Continuing our overview of TeleMedicine we are pleased to present more detail on our trusted partner AllyHealth. Our platform is specifically designed to save you time and money. We help you accomplish this through superior products and services, close account management and support, and a true desire to deliver

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