Dealer Defense Fund

New Hampshire’s equipment dealers, led by the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association (NEDA), have spent over four years fighting for a fair and equitable dealer protection law. The dealers have prevailed through every available state legal appeal by the manufacturers and the law is now fully in effect.

Unfortunately, in a last ditch effort to eliminate the protections afforded to equipment dealers under the New Hampshire Dealer Bill of Rights SB126 amended as RSA Chapter 357-C in 2013 law, several manufacturers have asked the United States Supreme Court to review the case for the second time. The manufacturers appealing to the Supreme Court are supported by many other manufacturers as well as various manufacturer associations. The manufacturer associations plan to file an amicus brief invalidating the retroactivity of exisiting dealer laws.

In order to balance the scales, dealers and dealer associations must unite and provide both moral and financial support to NEDA as it takes necessary steps to preserve the New Hampshire law. At EDA, we encourage our members all across North America to support NEDA and its fight for fair and equitable dealer protection laws.

We ask our member dealers to please contribute directly to the cause by clicking on the link below.


For more information, contact Ralph Gaiss, Tim Wentz or Dave Close at 1-800-932-0607.