2022 Regional Meetings Videos

Did you miss the 2022 Regional Meeting? Did you attend, but want to share the experience and knowledge with others in your dealership? Access the full video of the 2022 Regional Meeting and Sara Hey’s full presentation here!

Can your dealership withstand whatever may come your way? How do you assess the health of each department? During this NEDA Regional Meeting, Sara Hey of Bob Clements International will lead through how to evaluate your dealership’s balance and will give you specific strategies that you can implement as soon as you get back to your dealership.

Some specific area’s she will focus on are:
• Why the focus on whole goods is critical to a balanced dealership
• What dealers can do to create increased revenue from the service department
• How a shallow but wide approach in the parts department can improve the customer experience and add to your bottom line.

What will you need? A copy of your current Profit and Loss Statement and the calculator on your cell phone.

Get your access to the 2022 Regional Meeting here: