Workers’ Comp Safety Group

NEDA New York Safety Groups can save you money on your workers’ comp premiums.

worker _compEligibility

Members of NEDA Inc. in New York State
Construction/Industrial Equipment Dealers
Material Handling & Lift Truck Dealers
Farm Equipment Dealers
Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers
Rental Equipment Dealers with Repair Facilities


Aggressive Advance Discount (up to 25%)
Additional Discounts Available for Qualifying Dealers
Excellent Dividend Potential
Claims Management & Loss Control Services
Monthly Installments for Qualifying Dealers

How Do the Safety Groups Work?

In principal both Safety Groups operate the same. Premiums are pooled together into a large “buying group”, meaning all members receive substantial premium discounts upfront, much like those seen by large corporations. Then based on the amount of money left over each year, after our group has paid its losses dividends are paid back to the participating members based on their premium.

Why Join? The Simple Answer is Money!

Upfront discounts of up to 25%! Our NY Workman’s Comp Safety Group was formed in 1992 and has returned an average premium dividend of 33% over the last 10 years.

Dividend History (New York State Only)

For the most current dividend returns history chart, click here


NEDA endorses Federated Insurance for Workers Compensation in the states of CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, PA, RI.