Education Programs

NEDA created several education programs for on-going learning and safety for its members.

Forklift Operator Safety Training and Evaluation Program
  • OSHA requires forklift operator performance to be re-evaluated once every three years.
  • NEDA’s Certified Trainers can train/certify your employees.
  • Train the Trainer forklift on-site course
  • Forklift Operator Safety Training Program (as needed).
The SWA Online Campus
  • The Northeast Equipment Dealers Association has teamed up with the Southwest Equipment Dealers Association’s Online Campus Training Courses.
  • Dealers are looking for ways for all their employees and managers to become more effective in their roles at the dealership while increasing sales and reducing costs.
Service Technician Skills and Knowledge Test
  • Use before hiring new technicians/mechanics.
  • Your employees can learn equipment-dealer-industry specific-customer concepts through affordable online training courses delivered by your association in short, fifteen-minute training blocks.
  • This test is available below to members who are signed into the website.
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