Support Pennsylvania Farm Bureau

Pennsylvania Equipment Dealers:

What would it be worth to have 59,000 farm advocates in Pennsylvania working alongside NEDA dealers to accomplish our legislative agenda? Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of dollars?

59,000 Advocates

Well, the fact is, NEDA has those 59,000 advocates. For several years, NEDA has partnered with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau in Harrisburg to help us carry our legislative agenda of free enterprise to the Pennsylvania House and Senate.

The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau knows that NEDA’s agenda of free enterprise also benefits Pennsylvania farmers. We are grateful for this partnership and want to thank the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau for their help. But we also want to strengthen this partnership into the future.

We Need Your Help

That’s why NEDA is asking for your help to join with your association to sponsor the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Annual Meeting this November 17-19, 2014 at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

By combining your contribution with the resources of the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association and other dealers, we can let the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau know how much we appreciate their support.

Dealer Recognition

Dealers contributing to this sponsorship will be recognized in the PFB Annual Meeting program that will be seen by hundreds of Pennsylvania’s top agricultural leaders.

Please Contribute

Please contribute to this combined NEDA sponsorship of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau by clicking the “add” button below.