NEDA Energy Cost Savings Program

NEDA Energy Cost Savings Program

Save Money On Your Natural Gas and Electric Bill 

We are excited to announce a new program that is available to our members. NEDA has joined forces with PGP Energy to try and help our members reduce their energy expenses anywhere from 10 – 15 percent.

As you may know in the mid 1990’s many States signed into law what amounted to the deregulation of the public energy utilities.  This introduced Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) into those markets and enabled consumers the option to choose where they get their energy supply from.  As a result it is now possible to take advantage of this competitive market to lower your energy bills.

Advantages of using an ESCO:

  1. Average savings for our customers are 10 to 15%
  2. No fee to sign up
  3. Still receive same electric / gas from utility
  4. Still receive one bill from utility
  5. Ability to offer fixed locked in rates
  6. Tax Savings (depending on State) because you purchased your energy supply from an ESCO

All PGP Energy will need in order to do a cost analysis is to get a copy of your utility bills (ALL PAGES). Matt Lulley from PGP Energy will then prepare a proposal based on your specific information.  If you are currently already with an ESCO, we would love the opportunity to quote your account at your renewal.

Click here for more information on how to start saving costs on your utility bills today!

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