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Connecticut Warranty Dealer Law Signed by Governor

The Northeast Equipment Dealers Association, on behalf of Connecticut equipment dealers, is pleased to report that the legislators and Governor of Connecticut have enacted CT SB 264. As a result this updates the warranty provisions included in the state’s equipment dealer law which improved language that addresses dealer compensation for

NEDA Adds Cyber Security Program for Membership

We are excited to announce that Secuvant, an industry-leading cybersecurity firm, is our newest Endorsed Provider.  Secuvant’s mission is to provide clients with a “Clear Path Forward” as they work to establish digital-security protocols, customized to each client, that not only protect companies from cyber threats but build the foundation

Warning - Illegal Tampering

Illegal Tampering Dealer Toolkit

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) tuning and modifying equipment to boost performance or evade emission controls has become a significant issue throughout the nation. Sometimes called chipping, tuning or ECU mapping, it’s important you inform customers of the risks modifying equipment brings before they pay the price with voided warranties, accelerated

NEDA Announces New Healthcare Benefits Provider

NEDA Announces NEW Healthcare Benefits Provider for NEDA Members NEDA is pleased to announce the endorsement of to provide health insurance for all NEDA members. As the health insurance market continues to contract, members are seeking cost‐effective solutions to employee benefits to maintain a high‐quality workforce. was chosen for its

Pennsylvania Announces New Service Tech Apprenticeship Program

Pennsylvania Announces New Service Tech Apprenticeship Program It’s reported that Pennsylvania will face more than 1,000 job openings by 2027 as current service techs retire. The Northeast Equipment Dealers Association is sponsoring the Agriculture Service Technician apprenticeship program, which will take at least one year to complete. Read more –


SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: FACT vs. FICTION on “RIGHT TO REPAIR” U.S. equipment manufacturers and equipment dealers work every day to deliver the safest and most productive, innovative and environmentally friendly machinery to their customers. Manufacturers and dealers make considerable investments in developing cutting-edge technology within machinery and training authorized

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