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NEDA 2022 Regional Meetings – Register Today!!

Creating Balance in Your Dealership: Can your dealership withstand whatever may come your way? How do you assess the health of each department? During this session, Sara Hey of Bob Clements International will lead through how to evaluate your dealership’s balance and will give you specific strategies that you can

Warning - Illegal Tampering

Illegal Tampering Dealer Toolkit

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) tuning and modifying equipment to boost performance or evade emission controls has become a significant issue throughout the nation. Sometimes called chipping, tuning or ECU mapping, it’s important you inform customers of the risks modifying equipment brings before they pay the price with voided warranties, accelerated

Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprentice Management System

Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprentice Management System This apprenticeship program is sponsored by the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association for our dealer members and their employees. If you are a student or an adult in the workforce who has an interest in a well-paying career as a technician maintaining and repairing agricultural